Start Saving Money on Necessary Auto Repairs With the 3 Money Saving Tips

Unfortunately, the only way to completely eliminate the need for car repairs is to eliminate your car. However, the fact that you are not quite ready to ditch your ride in favor of public transportation does not need to mean you have to spend a small fortune on car repairs. In fact, saving money on the repairs your car needs may be easier than you think if you use the simple tips outlined in this article.

Combine Repairs With Regular Maintenance To Reduce Labor Costs

Labor costs typically account for more than half of a total repair bill. Consequently, getting the most out of each labor hour is a great way to save money on your overall repair costs. The best way to accomplish this goal is to have regular maintenance services performed at the same time as when you need a necessary car repair. For example, if you find yourself needing to have work done on your vehicle's suspension system, this would be a great time to get your brakes and alignment checked as well since your mechanic will already be accessing these parts of your vehicle as part of your required repair. 

Invest In An Extended Warranty

Planning for car repair costs is a budgetary nightmare since the need for these repairs always seem to pop up out of nowhere and always at the worst possible time. Investing in an extended warranty will allow you to put budgetary concerns out of your mind since the cost of any major repairs will be covered by this warranty, minus any deductible that the warranty may require. 

While paying for an extended warranty may initially require a larger out-of-pocket investment in your car repairs, it does offer you the ability to enjoy significant savings in the long run. This is especially true if your vehicle ever requires repairs to the engine or transmission since these repairs can be incredibly costly. 

Ask About Price Matching Policies

While not all auto repair shops have an official price matching policy, most shops are willing to match the price of a local competitor if you are able to provide a written estimate or advertised price for the same services. This can be extremely beneficial to individuals who prefer to have all of their car repairs completed by the same mechanic, but still wish they were able to take advantage of special promotional pricing that other mechanics in the area may be offering. In some cases, you may even find that inquiring about this type of policy can save you even more as some shops not only offer to match a competitors price but actually beat that price.

For more information about auto repair services, contact a local auto shop near you.