Extending The Life Of Your New Brakes

If you just had new brakes put on your vehicle, you know just how expensive a new set of brakes can be. In order to prolong the life expectancy of your new brakes, try to incorporate the following tips into your driving routine.

Flush Your Brake Fluid

Many individuals don't really think about their brake fluid after they have new brakes installed. If you drive your vehicle on a regular basis, you should flush the fluid in your brakes about every year or so. If you don't drive your vehicle that often, and use it as more of a back-up means of transportation, you can probably get away with changing the brake fluid in your vehicle every couple of years.

Over time, your brake fluid can become contaminated with small particles. It can also begin to degrade. Finally, moisture can get into your brake fluid and compromise the internal components of the brake system on your vehicle. These issues can be avoided by changing the brake fluid. A professional mechanic, like those at Alaskan Auto Center Inc, can perform this service for you.

When Possible, Coast Instead Of Braking

When you need to slow down, instead of hitting your brakes, give your vehicle a chance to coast to a slower speed. Often, all you need to do in order to slow down is take your foot off the gas.

Stopping at high speeds takes a lot out of your brakes; when possible, let off the gas and achieve a slower speed before you brake. Coasting and slowing down before you hit your brakes will reduce the amount of wear on your brakes. 

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

Be extremely aware of your surroundings when you are driving. When driving through areas with lots of traffic signals close together, pay attention to the rhythm of the signals. Instead of speeding up to catch each light only to have to slam on your brakes when you don't make it, try driving at a slow and steady speed.

Pay attention to the brake lights of the person in front of you, and pay attention to why they are braking. Many individuals tap their brakes when all they really need to do is coast or let off their gas for a second. Every time the person in front of you taps their brakes does not mean you need to as well; be aware of why you are seeing brake lights and respond accordingly.

Keep Your Vehicle Light

Another easy way to extend the life of your brakes is to pay attention to what you keep in your vehicle. The heavier your vehicle is, the more wear and tear your brakes go through every time you stop. Don't overload your vehicle, and try to keep your trunk area clean unless you actually need to use it.

If you want to extend the life of your new brakes, make sure that you flush the brake fluid in your vehicle every couple of years. You can also extend the life of your brakes by continually working to become a better driver; pay more attention to when you need to coast verses when you need to hit the brakes. Finally, try not to carry unnecessary weight around with you; additional weight wears on your brakes. If you follow all of the advice above, you should be able to get some extra miles and some extra years out of your new brakes.