What's The Deal With Extended Oil Change Intervals?

For many years, the traditional oil change interval was 3,000 miles. However, if you're a younger or newer driver, you may have never owned a car with this recommendation. Manufacturers now typically recommend much longer intervals, with some manufacturers recommending oil changes as infrequently as every 16,000 miles! This change can seem shocking and perhaps a little worrying for drivers who are familiar with the shorter recommendations. What changed, and why do manufacturers suddenly think you should change your oil less frequently than before?

4 Common Auto Suspension Repairs To Improve Vehicle Safety, Comfort, And Performance

A vehicle's suspension system is one of the most important parts determining your car's comfort, safety, and performance. The system affects your ability to steer and drive smoothly. It also helps the vehicle handle various terrain. Over time, the suspension system might wear out, reducing your car's drivability and comfort. The following are some common suspension repairs that can improve your vehicle. 1. Replacing Shock Absorbers When your car hits a bump, shock absorbers take the most impact.

How To Know When Your Brakes Need An Auto Safety Inspection

Servicing your brakes is a normal part of owning a car. When your brakes are serviced regularly, you won't have to worry about reaching a point where you might not be able to safely stop your car. Therefore, it's important to know when your car will need a safety inspection. Service Your Brakes Regularly Your brakes will need to be serviced at regular intervals. Make sure to check the owner's manual of your car to determine how often you will need to service your brakes.

Laminated Vs Tempered Glass: The Two Leading Types Of Glass Used In Cars

Need to repair or replace a damaged car windshield or window? Safety glass is the industry standard for automotive windshields and windows. It describes glass specifically designed to provide greater strength, impact resistance, and safety than regular glass.  Before fixing or replacing your damaged glass, you should understand that not all auto safety glass is created equal. Laminated and tempered glass are the leading types of glass used in the automotive industry.

Truck Tire Tips

To get the most out of your truck, you will need to be informed about the various components of the vehicle. In addition to knowing about the engine and other major mechanical components, the tires are a part of your truck that you should not take for granted. Patching A Punctured Tire Is Likely A Temporary Repair Punctures in the tires can be a very common issue to encounter, but it is often possible to patch these punctures so that air will be unable to leak out.