4 Symptoms Of An Automatic Transmission Problem

One sure sign that your car's automatic transmission is having a mechanical problem is a distinctive change in the way your car performs while it is driving down the road.

If you notice any of these symptoms while driving, then you car's transmission may be failing, and it requires attention by a professional mechanic, like those at A Transmissions, as soon as possible to prevent further damage:

Symptom #1: Hard Shifting into Gear

While you are driving down the highway, your car's automatic transmission will shift into higher gears as it accelerates. If you listen, you should hear the motor slightly increase in pitch, and then you will feel the transmission make a gentle shift into the next gear. As soon as your car shifts, the motor noise will drop in pitch.

If you have started to hear a clunking noise, or if you feel the car jerk as it shifts into a higher gear, then this is a sign that the gears in your vehicle's transmission are wearing out. A transmission shop can remove the gears and replace them to prevent your transmission from failing completely.

Symptom #2: Lagging on Acceleration

If your car seems to lag when you accelerate, instead of shifting into a higher gear and gaining power as it should, this is a sign that the clutch in your automatic transmission is failing. The lag is caused by the transmission's lack of ability to shift when necessary. This causes your car's engine to burn unnecessary fuel and will negatively affect your vehicle's gas mileage until you have the transmission serviced.

Symptom #3: Slipping Out of Gear

Your car's automatic transmission should never slip out of gear, nor should it ever shift up, down, or into neutral at an inappropriate time. If you are driving and your car shifts inappropriately or kicks into neutral, then your transmission's gears or clutch are malfunctioning. This problem can also be caused by an inexpensive linkage failure. Taking your car into the shop at the first sign of this problem can allow the linkage to be replaced, which results in a much less expensive repair.

Symptom #4: Burning Smell or Leaking Fluid

Finally, your car's transmission should never leak or burn any fluid. Automobile transmissions are a closed system that utilizes a specialized lubricant and cooling liquid known as transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is red or pink in color and always has a sweet smell. If you see a puddle of red fluid below your car, or if you smell a sweet burning smell while driving, this is a sign of a transmission fluid leak. Transmission leaks are always an emergency and signal an immediate need for servicing.