How To Clean Your Residential Tinted Windows

If you just had window tint applied to your residential windows, it is essential that you learn how to take care of your windows properly. Here are a few tips that will help you care and clean your new tinted windows.

Keep Your Windows Closed

The first thing you need to remember is to keep your windows closed. When you tint your windows, it generally takes a while for the tint to completely cure and dry. Do not open your windows until the specific drying or curing period for the window tint that you applied to your windows has passed. To be extra safe, you may want to add a couple days onto the cure time, and wait until that time has passed to open your windows again. You don't want to ruin your new window tint just because you were eager to open your windows.

Wait At Least A Month To Clean Them

It is a good idea to wait about a month to clean your windows for the first time after the tint is applied. This allows time for your new window tint to completely cure and form to your windows. You don't want to clean your windows to early and compromise your new window tint. Additionally, you should have cleaned your windows before the new tint was applied on them, so you shouldn't have any reason to clean your windows for at least a month.

Use Soft Cleaning Tools

When cleaning your new tinted windows, you want to use soft cleaning tools. Soft cleaning tools will not scratch your window tint, which is relatively soft and could easily be damaged by more sturdy cleaning tools.

Use soft window rushes or soft microfiber cloths to clean your windows with. Avoid scrub pads, window scrapers, newspaper and even paper towels; all of these common window cleaning tools could damage your new window film.

Use Non-Harsh Chemicals

Use non-harsh chemicals when cleaning your windows. Avoid any cleaners that contain strong chemicals. Strong chemicals, such as ammonia, can cause your window tint to fade, become blotchy or even peel away from the glass. Instead, just use dish soap and water to clean your new tinted windows.

Clean Your Windows When The Sun Isn't On Them

Finally, clean your windows when the sun is not beating down on them. When your windows are directly in the path of the sun, the sun can make the tint a little soft and easier to damage. Additionally, the soap you apply to your window may dry up and leave behind residue before you are able to clean it off when you wash your windows when the sun is hitting them. Instead, clean your windows before the sun gets to them for the day. 

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