Should You Repair, Rebuild, Or Replace Your Truck's Transmission?

If the transmission in your truck is slipping, or you are having a hard time getting it to go into gear, you need to have it looked over by a mechanic. Depending on what exactly is wrong, the transmission will either need to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. Here is a bit of information that will give you a heads up as to what the mechanic is going to tell you.


Generally, a transmission problem is due to faulty parts. If the parts can be accessed without removing the transmission you have a problem that can be repaired. Many of the seals can be swapped out while still in the vehicle. If you notice any green or red fluid under your truck it is a transmission leak. Take it in to get it looked at before you have problem. When the truck is not shifting gears when it should and you have a computer-controlled transmission, it is usually a bad sensor. This too can be repaired without having to take the whole transmission out.


When the problem is something that requires you to pull the whole transmission out of the truck, you may as well have it rebuilt. Rebuilding involves replacing worn and damaged parts so that the transmission is as good as if it were new. Even if the problem could be a simple fix, since you have it out already, have everything looked over and replaced. This way you will be avoiding another problem. You are already paying to have it taken out, don't pay to have it done a second time because you didn't have it rebuilt the first time.


Having a transmission replaced is a bit of a problem in and of itself. In general, when you have a new transmission installed it is actually a factory remanufactured one. Most brand new transmissions are only for new cars on the production lines. This means that you are getting a rebuilt one. The difference is that since it was already done at the factory, you do not have to pay a mechanic to go over it, taking it apart and then rebuilding it. In many cases you will be able to get some type of warranty on the "new" transmission. You will get one that is as good as new, with all new factory parts. This is slightly different than having the mechanic rebuild yours because all the work was done by the original manufacturer.

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