Signs You Need To Repair Your Car's Coolant System

Your car's coolant system, like its name would suggest, is designed to keep the temperature of the interior of your vehicle and of your engine regulated. An improperly operating coolant system can pose a number of problems to your vehicle, some of which can be quite expensive to fix. Thankfully, there are a couple of red flags to watch out for to help you determine when you should have your coolant system looked at.

Odd Smell

If you notice that there is a weird smell within the interior of your vehicle while driving, there may be a coolant leak somewhere within your coolant system. This smell, usually a sweet smell, comes from antifreeze which has gotten out of the coolant hoses. A coolant leak like this can cause your engine to overheat and increase the amount of strain and wear on your engine.

Coolant Leaks

Another clear sign of a coolant leak is to look underneath your vehicle after you've driven for a few minutes. Coolant fluid has a green-blue sheen to it, and as the above point has noted, has a sweet smell. Besides the obvious problems that a coolant leak can pose to your engine, it should be noted that antifreeze is toxic to both animals and humans, and should be cleaned up immediately.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

If your coolant system isn't working as it should to keep your engine at an appropriate temperature, it can negatively affect your engine's fuel efficiency, as fuel burns at a temperature that is too hot or too cold. If you notice that you need to fill up your gas tank more often than usual without any change within your driving habits, there may be an issue with your coolant system, and you should have a mechanic take a look as soon as possible.


Your car's heater system works by moving heat from your engine through the vents of your vehicle. If you notice that your heater suddenly stops working, you should head to a mechanic right away: the engine is unable to properly vent heat away from the engine, which can affect your fuel efficiency and increase the amount of strain that your engine suffers from. Keep an eye on your coolant light and temperature gauge: a broken heater can cause a number of systems within your vehicle to start giving you warnings, which should underline how serious this issue can be.

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