Keeping Your Truck Running Cool While on the Road

If you're driving a commercial truck, then you know it needs to be in top shape all of the time, or else you risk losing money while it's being repaired. If you are hauling a heavy load, driving through mountainous terrain, or driving in extremely hot weather, then it's especially important that your truck's cooling system is running perfectly. Here are some tips on what to cooling system components you should check at every rest period or gas fill-up during a long haul.

Check fluid levels:

Depending on what kind of cooling reservoir you have, you may be able to do a quick check without having to take off the cap; otherwise you will have to wait until your engine has cooled. A properly-running engine should have little or no coolant loss. If you've found that you have lost a significant amount of coolant since your last stop, then it's time to do an investigation and find out where the coolant is going.

Check for leaks:

Check for coolant leaks under your vehicle while it's running and after it's been stopped for a while. These leaks will be either bright green, orange, or pink in color depending on what type of coolant you're using. Leaks are most likely to happen in the pump, radiator, gaskets, cap, or hoses. You may also lose fluid through the exhaust pipe if your car has a bad head gasket.

Check your hoses:

Even if your hoses are fairly new, check for any cracks or swelling, especially if you've be running through hot conditions. These may be signs that your hoses are about to blow or are leaking. Check the hose clamps, especially if they were recently installed, as certain types can sometimes come lose through vibration.

Clean your grille/radiator:

If your truck is large, then chances are that you have a large grille or radiator that captures a lot of debris or bugs. You can easily remove large sources of debris, but may need a grille or radiator cleaner to clean out the small debris embedding in the fins. Bent fins can be straightened out, but this must be done carefully so as not to cause further damage.

Keeping your cooling system in shape is important to keeping your rig running properly. If you suspect you have a problem with your truck's cooling system, and you don't want to do the work yourself, then call a mobile truck-repair company such as C L Enterprises to check everything out for you. They may be able to get things fixed while you're on a break or a short stop so that you won't lose any time or money waiting.