FAQ About Your Problematic Diesel Truck Engine

Are you confused as to what is causing the engine in your diesel truck to malfunction? An engine has multiple parts that can cause problems if they are not in good shape. You can get a general idea of what kind of repairs are needed based on the specific problems that your truck is experiencing. Take a look at this article for the answers to some of the questions that you might have in mind when trying to diagnosis your problematic engine.

Has the Engine Been Constantly Overheating?

If you are unable to drive your truck for a long time before the engine begins to overheat, it points to something being wrong with the radiator. Basically, a radiator will malfunction if there is an insufficient amount of coolant in the truck. The radiator sends coolant to the engine to prevent it from overheating in an untimely manner. You might need to get more coolant placed inside of your truck if it is low before your engine will stop overheating. However, it is also possible that the radiator is old, damaged and worn out, which means that it should be replaced.

Does the Engine Release Black Smoke?

A couple of things can lead to black smoke coming from the engine when your truck is running. You might be dealing with a problematic fuel injector that should be repaired or replaced. The fuel injector might be damaged and allowing fluid to leak out. If your truck is old, the fuel injector might be rusty, which can cause it to become clogged up and contaminate gasoline. Another problem that can lead to black smoke is an air filter that has a lot of dirt on it. Simply get the filter cleaned if possible, or invest in a new one.

Are You Suddenly Unable to Crank Up the Engine?

If your engine has stopped working altogether, you might need to get the battery inspected in case it is damaged. The battery wires might be faulty and need to be repaired, but it is also possible that it need to be replaced altogether. One of the other problems that interfere with an engine cranking up is contaminated gasoline. Invest in getting the fuel lines and pump inspected in case they need to be cleaned. Get in touch with a mechanic who can perform diesel truck repair in your town to discuss these and other issues.