3 Diesel Problems That Can Come from Simple Bad Fuel Problems

If you have a diesel vehicle, you may be happy to know that your car can last longer than one that runs on gasoline as long as you take proper care of it. There are also some problems with modern diesel engines that can be hard to identify. Many of the problems with your car's engine that may be giving you a headache can be directly related to having filled it up with bad fuel. Here are some of the diesel engine problems that you may be having that can be related to bad gas.

1. Water Getting in the Tank and to the Filter of Your Engine

Water can be a major problem with your fuel system when you get diesel that has too much moisture in it. This is becoming more common because many gas companies mix petrol fuels with biofuels, which have a high amount of water naturally. When the fuel is not refined, this can cause the fuel filter to quickly become full of water and can lead to problems with your engine's performance. To solve this problem, you will want to use the fuel and have the oil changed. You may also want to have the fuel system flushed to ensure there is no water left.

2. Fuel Sensors Becoming Damaged Due to Water in the Fuel System

More serious problems can come from fuels that have very high moisture content. One of the problems that you may have with fuel systems is water causing damage to the air sensors, which are located in the air intake on many newer model cars from companies like Mercedes and BMW. This may require that you have the fuel sensor replaced to solve the problem if it has been damaged due to the long-time use of bad fuel. You can have these parts replaced to try to solve idling problems that may cause your car to stop or seem to not have power (such as when the turbo is not working).

3. Bad Diesel in the Tank Causing Debris in Lines and Other Fuel-System Problems

Bad diesel can have another problem; debris can collect in the tank, which can then get into fuel lines and other components of the fuel system. The fuel system can be the beginning of many different problems, such as lack of performance and reduced fuel economy. To solve this problem, you will want to have the oil changed, have all filters replaced, and have the fuel system flushed to remove any debris.

These are some of the diesel engine problems that can be directly related to problems with fuel. If you are having some of these problems with your car, take it to an auto repair service such as August European and have them clean the fuel system and fix the problem.