Five Things You Can Do With A Commercial Driving License That You Can't Do Otherwise

commercial driving license allows you to drive commercial vehicles. There are different grades of commercial driving licenses, but each bestows certain driving privileges upon you that you would not otherwise or ordinarily have. Take a look at all the things you can do once you have a commercial driver's license.

Work for a Moving Company

​Drivers with a commercial license can work for a moving company. Since moving companies constantly need drivers, and consumers are constantly moving from place to place, you are guaranteed a job with a steady income. You may have to move a lot of boxes and heavy furniture as well, but the pay is typically really good.

Drive a Limo or Black Car

Limos or black car services require that you have a commercial license. If you have the CDL, you can own and operate your own limo or black car service, and drive one of the vehicles. You may eventually want to hire additional CDL drivers to expand the business.

​Be a Courier

Couriers transport goods back and forth through the city. You can drive the courier truck and make decent wages as the courier. You will have to learn how to maneuver through unfamiliar streets and alleys, but at least with a commercial driver's license you are allowed to take these business shortcuts to get to your destinations and make your deliveries.

​Drive Through Alleys

When you do not have a commercial driver's license, you cannot drive through alleys. They are meant for commercial drivers and deliveries to the businesses along the alleys. When you finally have the CDL, you can drive the alleys. You may still have to limit your alley-driving to when you are working, but it beats not being to use the alleys at all. 

Drive Commercial Lanes

Some cities dedicate certain traffic lanes to commercial drivers only. This is similar to the commercial driving lanes of toll lanes on freeways. Only commercial drivers may use these lanes and the fines for non-commercial drivers who drive in the commercial lanes are extreme. However, when you are driving a commercial vehicle for business purposes (and this includes black car services, limo services, and company cars that are clearly labeled as company cars), you can drive in these lanes without a problem. Police officers are not going to bother you or tell you to get out of the commercial lanes or even notice.