3 Reasons To Stick With A Dealer-Certified Auto Service Shop

If your current automobile is due to be serviced, you of course have multiple options available to you. But if your vehicle is especially high-end like Mercedes-Benz, you may want to think twice before you take a car like that just anywhere. Here are three reasons why you should only get your high-end vehicle serviced at a car manufacturer-approved Mercedes service shop.

Don't Void Your Warranty

When it comes to the warranty that comes with your vehicle, there are often specific stipulations located in the fine print. For our purposes, you'll want to carefully read the section on car maintenance. If you end up installing non-authorized parts into your vehicle during the warranty period, this could void your warranty. Sometimes even getting it serviced at all by a non-authorized dealer could be enough to void it, especially in the case of high-end vehicles like Mercedes or BMW. So if you do take let's say a Mercedes-Benz to a new auto shop, make sure that shop is certified for Mercedes service.

Don't Risk Damage to Your Expensive Car

Another reason you should only take your vehicle to a shop that is certified is that it sometimes takes special training to perform maintenance on very high-end vehicles. If the random mechanic you select is not certified for working on Mercedes-Benz, BMW or another high-end brand, they might not know what they are doing once they get under the hood. You will then end up with a damaged vehicle and then you might have a hard time getting an actual certified shop to fix it for you because of that voided warranty. If you are going to invest a pretty penny into a premium car brand, why would you risk that investment by starting to get skimpy when it comes to car maintenance?

Certified Shops Can Get Parts More Easily

Even if you know the mechanic at your local shop is good at working on a particular car brand, his or her shop might not have the certified parts you need without making a special order. This could take a long time depending on the part and how well-connected or not the auto shop is. When you take your car to a Mercedes service shop, they will likely already be well-stocked on most of the parts you might need and can quickly order a new one if needed.

Take your high-end vehicle to a manufacturer-certified auto shop today if it is in need of maintenance.