Three Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Do Stone Chip Repair Services Yourself

If a stone or rock comes flying off the road and hits your car, you can be left with a small dent and/or a chip in your paint. A stone chip repair is needed to repair the damage done. While you can purchase kits that allow you to complete a stone chip repair yourself, there are many reasons why you should avoid doing so and hire a stone chip repair service instead. Here are those three reasons. 

Do-It-Yourself Fillers Are Not as Long-Lasting as Pro Products

One of the reasons why you may want to rethink completing stone chip repair yourself is because the filler products available to the average person are not as good or long-lasting as those available to professionals. If there is a dent in your car, a filler will be used to fill in the area, making your surface smooth again. Products that are not long-lasting can begin to chip or flake over time, making your repair noticeable once again. 

You Can Cause More Damage When Sanding

Another reason why you should not attempt to do stone chip repair services yourself is that you can do more damage to your car if you improperly sand it. You will need to sand down any fillers used to ensure the surface is smooth and even. If a filler is not used, you may need to sand out any rough edges or scratches that the stone left when it hit your car. If you sand too wide of an area, you can damage the paint in the surrounding space. A professional has a car polisher that allows them to sand the car perfectly, leaving you with better results. 

Matching Paint Colors is Challenging

The final reason why you should not attempt to do stone chip repair services yourself is because matching paint colors can be challenging. The area affected by the rock has to be painted to conceal any damage done. Your paint color is not exactly the same as it was out of the factory thanks to sunlight exposure and weather elements. The average person cannot properly match a car's paint color, which allows a repair to stand out like a sore thumb. A professional can match your paint color perfectly, ensuring the repair is perfectly disguised. 

Are you in need of stone chip repair services? Leave the repair to the professionals. They can properly sand out jagged edges, use quality fillers and properly match your paint color, ensuring the repair is not noticeable.