4 Tips To Prepare Your Truck's Diesel Engine For Winter Weather

As the winter weather gets closer, you want to make sure your truck is prepared for the extreme weather that you may face. The diesel engines of trucks are vulnerable to winter weather problems that can cause problems with starting the engine and reduced power when you are driving in extreme weather conditions. The following tips will help you prepare your truck's diesel engine for driving in colder weather:

1.Perform Cooling System Maintenance and Use Lower-Temperature Antifreeze for Winter

Extremely low temperatures during the winter months make your engine block vulnerable to damage like blown core plugs and cracks. To prevent this damage, you want to prepare the cooling system by having it flushed and refilled with an antifreeze that protects against freezing temperatures.

2. Change the Diesel Engine Oil and Other Fluids for Better Performance in Cold Weather

The diesel engine of your truck is vulnerable to winter temperatures because lubricants like oil, transmission fluid, and grease turn into gels when they are cold. To solve these problems, have a full-service diesel repair shop use lighter-weight oils and fluids when you have them changed before the winter weather. In addition, you may want to pack a cold-weather diesel fuel treatment in your toolbox to add to the fuel tanks for when the temperatures dip below freezing.

3. Add Winter Weather Equipment to Protect Diesel Engines from Cold Air

There is also winter weather equipment that you may want to add to your truck to protect the engine in cold weather. This equipment includes engine blankets, covers for the grill to protect the radiator, and engine heaters to help with starting in cold weather. If the weather is still warm, you may want to pack the winter equipment in toolboxes and install everything when the temperatures start to drop.

4. Make Sure That the Engine Heater Plugs Are Changed to Prepare for Winter Storms

With diesel engines, the combustion comes from a heater plug and compression of the fuel. If the heater plug is not working efficiently or fails, it can cause problems with cylinders not firing and affect the performance of your truck's engine when the temperatures get cold outside. Have a diesel service check all the heater plugs and replace them if they need to be replaced. In addition, you may want to consider installing an engine heater to improve engine performance if you drive in extreme winter weather.

These are some tips that will help you prepare your truck's diesel engine for driving in colder weather. If you need help with the engine maintenance your truck needs before winter comes, visit a full-service diesel repair shop for help with these improvements.

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