4 Things to Do When Shipping Your Vehicle Across the County

Are you planning on moving to another country, but have multiple cars and no way to move them all by driving them yourself? If so, you'll need to ship your vehicle to get it to your new destination.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

An auto transport is not something that can be taken care of quickly. It often takes some time to organize which trucker is going to pick up your car along with other vehicles along the way, since many vehicles are taken at the same time along a path. Make sure that you book your auto transport far in advance so that you meet the deadlines necessary to get the car picked up and delivered to its destination on time. 

Make Sure You Have Full Coverage Insurance

One thing that you need to know is if your car is insured for the auto transport. If the car is damaged during the transport, it is very possible that you will be responsible for the damages since you decided to have your car shipped. Make sure that you have full coverage insurance that will help repair damage that may happen to your vehicle. 

Decide on Open or Closed Transport

There are two types of ways to transport a car, with open or closed transport. The difference is that closed transport is more expensive, and will completely cover the vehicle. It is commonly used for new cars where you want the vehicle to look pristine when it arrives at the destination. You'll likely want an open transport, which is when the car is held out in the open and exposed to the elements. 

Keep the Vehicle Weight In Mind

A common mistake that people make when shipping a car is assuming that they can load it up with a bunch of stuff to take with them in the empty car. However, there are actually weight limits that auto transport companies have to deal with. They assume the weight of your car based on the make and model, since the truck may be able to handle a certain amount of weight. It can be problematic if you load your car up with a bunch of personal belongings prior to having it picked up. Don't be surprised if you are told to empty your vehicle if the transportation company sees that you have a bunch of stuff in it, since they want to keep the weight limit of their load in mind. 

For more information, contact automobile shipping services.