What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your Vehicle

Getting locked out of your vehicle can be frustrating, and if the keys are in the car, you may need some help to get the door open. A car locksmith can help you get in and recover your keys, and they can do it without causing any damage to your car in the process. 

Opening Your Car

There are many different methods for opening car doors that people have tried over the years. Most of these methods damage the seals on the door or don't work as claimed. You may find suggestions for opening the door online, but unless you know what you are doing, you should not attempt to unlock the door yourself. 

Most modern car doors have anti-theft devices inside the car door to stop thieves from jimmying the lock, and some have airbags in them that could be set off by an attempt to unlock the door with force. If the airbag goes off, it will damage the door and potentially injure the person trying to unlock it. 

The best option when dealing with a lockout is to call a car locksmith and let them open the door. They have the right tools and training to do the job without damaging the car or anyone getting injured in the process. 

Emergency Locksmith Service

When locked out of your car, you may need to find a car locksmith that offers emergency service to unlock your car right away. If you need help after hours, the cost may be higher, but the emergency service could be necessary if you are stranded at work or in a parking lot somewhere until you retrieve the keys. 

The car locksmith will require payment when they unlock the door for you, so be sure to ask if they take credit cards or what the cost will be so you can get cash from an ATM before they arrive. Most locksmiths can tell you what the cost will be based on the vehicle and how difficult it is to get into, but it can vary from one car to the next. 

Replacement Keys

If you are locked out of your car because you lost the key somewhere, a car locksmith can make you a new key. The locksmith will meet you at your vehicle, retrieve some information from the vehicle identification number, and then make a new key. 

The information that the locksmith has access to allows them to make standard keys, chipped keys, and OEM replacements with key fob functions for your car. The cost of the key is often dependent on the type needed. Chipped keys can be hundreds of dollars to replace, while standard keys are often significantly less expensive.