Do You Need New Tires? 4 Telltale Signs That You Need One

Dealing with a flat tire is one of the most frustrating things you might have to handle. Sometimes, the flat tire will happen in the middle of the night and when you are away from a service station. If you do not have a spare wheel or a means to get help, you might face a serious security risk. It is best to prevent tire problems before they happen through regular checks and inspections. Here are the four telltale signs that your tires have worn out and it is time to replace them.

When They Cannot Pass the Penny Test

The penny test is a simple and effective way to check the condition of your tires. You take a penny and set it on the tread groove of the tires. Ensure that the heads part of the penny faces down. If you can see the top of the head on the face of the penny, your tires have failed the test and need replacement. Tread wear makes it possible to see part of the penny's face, which means it is time for a replacement.

When You Have Cracks On the Sidewalls

Your tires should have smooth sidewalls when they are in tip-top condition. If yours start showing cracks and other physical damage, it is time to replace them. Cracks are weak points on the structure, and they can lead to a complete blowout when you do not deal with them. Cracks might be from regular wear and tear. Sometimes, you damage the side walls by scraping them against the sidewalls as you park the vehicle. 

When the Tires Have a Bulge

Bulges are another indicator that you should replace the tires. They can also lead to a complete blowout when left unattended. They result from weak spots in the structure of the tire. The bulge occurs in areas where the inner tube has a weakness. An auto mechanic can help prevent a blowout or other accident by replacing the burst tire.

The Vehicle Shakes as You Drive

Your vehicle should never vibrate when you steer it. Unfortunately, various problems can lead to excessive vibrations. For instance, sometimes it is the wheels that are out of alignment. At other times, you need to replace worn-out tires with new ones.

Get your vehicle to an auto mechanic to check the state of the tires. They will assess them for possible damage and recommend a replacement where necessary. Contact an automotive tire dealer for more information.