3 Common Types Of Auto Body Damage And How To Fix Them

Whether you have a new or used vehicle, it is your responsibility to maintain it in excellent condition for as long as you can. However, even with the best maintenance, you will still experience incidences on the road. They detract from the overall appearance and functionality of your vehicle. It is crucial to know about auto body damage types and ways to handle them. Here are the most common types and ways to deal with them. 

Damage from Collision

A lot of damage happens to vehicles when involved in a crash. The extent of the damage depends on whether the accident was a minor one or a major fender bender. The repair process could be as simple as popping out some minor dents on the body or something more severe like realigning the suspension system. The frame can also get bent during an accident, and it takes a lot of panel beating to get it back to a balanced and functional state. You should discuss the possibility of repairing your vehicle's frame with the mechanic beforehand and let them assess it to see what they can do.

Scratches on the Paint

Your vehicle's body paint is crucial to its overall appearance. Additionally, having the autobody paint in mint condition protects the car from moisture, rust, and other environmental damage. Scratches on the surface might seem like something that you can easily overlook, but the overall cost of not repairing your vehicle will be more than that of fixing it. Therefore, if you have been the victim of errant shopping carts, bike handles, curbs, and other sources of scratches on the paint, it is time to visit an auto body repair specialist. 

Auto Body Dents

Dents are depressions on the body of the vehicle from various sources. Some of the most common sources of car dents include hailstorms, objects getting hurled at the body, and minor collisions. When you take a car with dents to the auto body repair specialist, they assess the source before deciding the best repair method. The most preferred repair processes involve popping the dent without interfering with the paintwork. Your auto body mechanic will know the best ways to resolve the dents without ruining the paint.

This is some of the damage your vehicle will suffer and how to manage it. It is best to have an auto body specialist assess the car as soon as possible after the problem occurs, after which they can help you make the ideal repairs. 

If you are in need of auto body repair, contact a repair shop near you.