4 Signs Vehicle Alignments Are Needed

Alignments are essential for the safe performance of vehicles. Some drivers are unaware of the dangers that misalignment poses. They may also not know the signs that they need to get alignment services. Besides the safety risks, misalignment also can cost drivers more money to operate their vehicles. It can lead to tires wearing out prematurely and negatively impact gas mileage. There is also a possibility that misalignment can lead to vehicle accidents. If the owner of the misaligned vehicle is determined to be at fault, it is likely their insurance premiums will increase.

The following points identify signs that an alignment is needed. 

Uneven Tire Wear

Drivers who routinely inspect their tires are likely looking for tire repair issues. They may discover during their inspections that the tread depth of their tires is uneven. This phenomenon is indicative of alignment issues. A full set of tires that were purchased at the same time and rotated as recommended should have the same tread depth. 

Off-Center Steering Wheel

An off-center steering wheel will be at an odd angle. Drivers may notice that when they park the emblem on their steering wheels does not rest in the center but rather sideways. In extreme cases of alignment issues, drivers will find it difficult to park straight. An off-center steering wheel is dangerous because it can negatively impact driving patterns and potentially cause a vehicle accident.  

Steering Wheel Vibrations

This type of alignment issue can be caused by an impact that causes the vehicle to get misaligned. A fender bender accident or hitting a pothole or curb can all cause this to occur. The vibrations can be more than a nuisance. If the driver continues to drive a vehicle exhibiting this behavior, they may have more advanced repair issues in the future.

Vehicle Drifting to One Side

Drivers may notice that when they are driving their vehicles seem to drift to one side. They may have to maneuver their vehicles to keep them on a straight path. Some drivers may assume that it is related to the roads they drive on. Drifted driving can be hazardous because drivers have to constantly keep their vehicles aligned. Eventually, this issue can lead to difficulty turning. 

An auto repair shop is a good resource to use to determine if a vehicle is misaligned. They can correct alignment issues and inspect tires for potential damages caused by the misalignment. The condition of the tires will usually be influenced by the age of the tires and how long the driver drove the vehicle misaligned.