What To Expect When Taking Your Car In For A Transmission Overhaul

Automatic transmissions are available in more cars and trucks today than in the past. However, they are getting more complex, and it can be challenging to diagnose when something goes wrong. In extreme cases, your car may need a transmission rebuild to fix issues inside the system, and taking the vehicle to a transmission repair shop specializing in these types of repairs for a complete diagnostic is an excellent first step.

Transmission Noises

Often the first sign of problems from your automatic transmission includes noises from the system that are not normally there. It may be a whine, banging noises, or clunking as you go in and out of drive or reverse. 

The sounds the transmission makes can be clues to what is happening with it, but it is essential that you take the vehicle to a transmission repair shop for a diagnosis. The tech can check out the auto transmission and determine if the issues you noticed are minor repairs or if a transmission rebuild is necessary.

Loud banging sounds can indicate worn clutches, allowing the transmission to shift harder than it should. However, whining noises could be related to irregular fluid levels, and a flush of the system and a replacement oil filter and new fluid may be all you need. 

Vibrations And Slipping

Auto transmission repair shops often have cars come in with transmissions that are slipping or vibrating on the road. Many times, this is related to transmission maintenance and can occur because the oil filter on the transmission valve body is not allowing enough fluid to get through, lowering the pressure in the system. 

In these cases, a transmission rebuild is not usually necessary. However, if the filter and fluid are ignored for an extended period, it can cause damage to the inside of the case. The repair tech may need to remove the transmission from the vehicle and tear it down to repair seals or bushings internally.

Regular Maintenance

The maintenance interval on most auto transmissions is much longer than on the engine in the vehicle. It is still important to monitor the fluid level and condition regularly and note any changes in the color, smell, or presence of debris in the oil. 

If there is a drastic change in the level and there is no visible leak, or if you start to notice metal in the oil, you need to take the car to a transmission shop for service. A transmission rebuild is often the worst-case scenario when issues arise, but the longer you put off maintenance and inspection, the more potential there is for damage that will require a new transmission or an overhaul of the one you already have.

Reach out to a transmission rebuild service near you to learn more.