Three Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Do Stone Chip Repair Services Yourself

If a stone or rock comes flying off the road and hits your car, you can be left with a small dent and/or a chip in your paint. A stone chip repair is needed to repair the damage done. While you can purchase kits that allow you to complete a stone chip repair yourself, there are many reasons why you should avoid doing so and hire a stone chip repair service instead.

Troubleshooting Colored Exhaust Smoke

Your car's exhaust system is a key part of your vehicle, as it is what vents all of the gases that your engine generates. This also means that if fluids from other systems in your car enter your engine or your exhaust system, the color of the smoke that is vented will change. Knowing the various types of colors that your car's exhaust smoke can take, and what mechanical issues that they indicate, can help you diagnose mechanical problems as they arise.

Three Indications It's Time for a New Suspension System

The suspension system in your vehicle works to absorb the motion of driving over bumps and rough surfaces so that it does not affect the cabin of your vehicle. If damaged, your suspension system will be unable to protect the rest of your vehicle from the stress associated with driving over bumps and uneven surfaces. Knowing some of the more common signs that your suspension system isn't working properly can help you figure out when you should have your suspension either repaired or completely replaced.

3 Reasons To Stick With A Dealer-Certified Auto Service Shop

If your current automobile is due to be serviced, you of course have multiple options available to you. But if your vehicle is especially high-end like Mercedes-Benz, you may want to think twice before you take a car like that just anywhere. Here are three reasons why you should only get your high-end vehicle serviced at a car manufacturer-approved Mercedes service shop. Don't Void Your Warranty When it comes to the warranty that comes with your vehicle, there are often specific stipulations located in the fine print.